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Privacy policy

We are very conscious of how important it is to keep your personal information confidential. We are totally committed to taking all reasonable measures to ensure that you can safely visit our secure website, and that the confidentiality of the information you send us will be preserved.

By visiting Moisson Laurentides’s website, you accept our terms and conditions as well as our policy on the protection of personal information. Moisson Laurentides reserves the right to change this policy at any time. We undertake to keep our privacy policy up to date and to post it on our website.

Canada Revenue Agency requirements regarding donations

To meet the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency regarding donations, Moisson Laurentides maintains a register of all donations received by the organization. Any personal information recorded there remains private and confidential. All this information is kept in a safe place and is accessible only to authorised employees.

Refund policy

Donations made to Moisson Laurentides are not refundable.

Email requests

Our site includes several links allowing visitors to easily send an email to request more information or to share their opinion. When using this link, only your email address and the message itself are sent to Moisson Laurentides so we can answer your request and improve our services.

Links leading to other sites

The Moisson Laurentides website offers links to other sites which are not under its authority. Moisson Laurentides is not responsible for their content nor for any links found on them nor for any changes or updates that they undergo. The fact of providing a link to another website in no way means that Moisson Laurentides endorses this site, or the information or services that it provides.

Editorial policy regarding social media

Welcome to Moisson Laurentides’s social media platforms. This is our editorial policy.

Moisson Laurentides considers social media to be complementary tools to help us accomplish our mission.

These platforms are used to inform users about subjects related to our mission, to share inspiring initiatives, to thank our volunteers, suppliers and donors, and for all other information leading to greater public awareness of the problem of food insecurity and hunger.

Moisson Laurentides’s social media must not be considered as an official source regarding any new policies or instructions it may adopt. Please consult our website for official updates.

Moisson Laurentides is present on the following social media platforms:

Moisson Laurentides invites your contributions to its various social media platforms – to stay informed, to express yourself and to communicate your ideas and concerns about the problem of hunger and food waste in Quebec, specifically in the territory covered by Moisson Laurentides (Argenteuil, Deux-Montagnes, Les Moulins – Terrebonne, Mirabel, Pays-d’en-Haut, Rivière-du-Nord, Thérèse-De Blainville, Laurentides, and Antoine-Labelle MRCs).


Moisson Laurentides maintains the confidentiality of personal information sent by users. No-one will be identified on any published photos through the identification feature provided by certain social media, such as Facebook.

Users must also respect the confidentiality of personal information and not publish sensitive or personal information.

Intellectual property and responsibility for content

Management of Moisson Laurentides’s social media is the responsibility of the development coordinator. Members of the team are not always able to contribute to and oversee the various accounts in real time. Adequate follow-up will be done as soon as possible to moderate or respond to questions, comments and messages from users.

Moisson Laurentides undertakes to respect intellectual property rights. Ideas, scenarios, proposals, concepts, etc. are shared freely and without cost, and no-one sending them will be compensated by Moisson Laurentides.

Moisson Laurentides is entirely responsible for its editorial views and its content is independent of other Moissons in Quebec, of the Quebec food bank network and Canada Food Banks, and of partnering organisations and businesses.

The addition of a hyperlink to another website is permitted, provided that its content is related to the subjects discussed. Moisson Laurentides cannot be held responsible for the content on linked sites.

The exchange of opinions among Moisson Laurentides’s social media followers is encouraged, but it is desirable that debates remain open to everyone and do not become private discussions among only a few members of the online community.

Moisson Laurentides follows sites and accounts that it deems pertinent to its mission. This decision does not necessarily mean that the organization supports or endorses the statements made or activities mentioned.


Netiquette is the sum of the rules of decorum regulating the behaviour of online users in the network, particularly during exchanges on social media or by email.

Courtesy and respect are fundamental, not only between users or in posts, but also in how things are written. For example, the use of all upper-case in a message is understood to be shouting and is therefore prohibited, as it is considered disrespectful.

Everyone is welcome to follow Moisson Laurentides on its various social media platforms and all comments will be read and considered. However, Moisson Laurentides reserves the right to remove any comment or block any subscriber if their posts or interventions are judged to be inappropriate. The following may lead to the removal of a comment:

The Moisson Laurentides Board of Directors adopted this policy on November 24, 2015. Moisson Laurentides reserves the right to change these usage rules at any time and without prior notice.

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