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Do you want to collect food or raise funds to help needy families?

The possibilities are infinite! In your workplace, your circle of friends, your sports team, your family… be creative: organize a thematic dinner, bake sale, “jeans day” at work, benefit concert, sports challenge, etc. and make a difference in the fight against hunger in your community.

It’s your turn!

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Planned event (fundraising)

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Registration Form

This food drive/event is organized by : Individual
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Person in charge of the project hereafter called « Organizer »

Organization receiving the donations hereafter called « Moisson Laurentides »

  • I acknowledge that the name and logo of Moisson Laurentides are trademarks owned by Moisson Laurentides.
  • Moisson Laurentides shall not advance funds nor provide volunteers for the holding of the event and is in no way responsible for the sale of tickets and the financial undertakings of the Organizer.
  • It is understood and accepted that all publicity done for the fundraising/food drive event (tickets, posters, website, interviews, etc.), whether printed, audio or virtual, must be approved in writing by Moisson Laurentides before printing and/or distribution.
  • The fact of publicly naming Moisson Laurentides as the event’s beneficiary entails the obligation to give all the money and/or food collected directly to Moisson Laurentides within thirty (30) days after the event.
  • Approval by Moisson Laurentides of a fundraising event does not create a partnership relationship between Moisson Laurentides and the event and/or the Organizer.
  • Moisson Laurentides reserves the right to withdraw its approval of the event and, if applicable, all use of the Moisson Laurentides name and logo (advertising, tickets, posters, website, etc.), with two (2) days’ notice at any time, if the activity harms Moisson Laurentides in any way. Collection activities must cease immediately upon receipt of such notice and all promotional material related to Moisson Laurentides must immediately be returned to Moisson Laurentides.
  • The Organizer of the event must ensure that proper liability insurance and all permits required for the event are in place. Moisson Laurentides will not provide any insurance nor any permit.
  • The Organizer of the activity must be of the age of majority according to the laws of Quebec.
  • Moisson Laurentides does not accept any pyramid-style activities, door-to-door canvassing or collection for a specific person.
  • The Organizer must obtain the approval of Moisson Laurentides before soliciting the support of a public personality as spokesperson for the event.
  • If applicable, the Organizer of the event must provide the information required to issue receipts, and the amount of the receipt must be approved in advance by Moisson Laurentides.
I accept these conditions Date :

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